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V16 - So iLL X Tokyo Powder Chalk

  • Our all-natural blend of 100% magnesium carbonate and purified water helps to prevent dry fire and balance humidity by regulating friction generated from the rock and your hands.
  • Chalk is commonly thought to be a drying agent only. Our friction concept is different. So iLL V16 Chalk includes a small amount of purified water to balance the humidity by regulating the friction generated from the rock, humidity, and your hands. When conditions are too dry, everything feels slick and slippery. With purified water, V16 feels like nothing you have experienced before.
    • All Natural - 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate made from Bittern, Purified Water, Salt
    • Unique Sticky Formula • Prevents Dry Fire
    • 8"W x 12.5"H x 3.25" D
    • Imported from Tokyo

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So iLL x Tokyo Powder v16 chalk

With purified water, V16 feels like nothing you have experienced before.

Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

Boost Friction Foundation

Humid conditions with dry skin? Try BOOST Friction Foundation, and take things to a whole new level in 3 easy steps. 1. Crush a pebble of BOOST into your hands. 2. Cover your hands in V16 before your BOOST dries. 3. Send.

So iLL Distribution

We are always striving to enhance climbing. When we found the worlds best chalk, we immediately knew we had to bring it to the states. Out of that need, So iLL Distribution was born.

So iLL distribution logo for Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • Hands in So iLL Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

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