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Midnight Lightning Ultra Premium Chalk

  • This may just be the most eco-friendly chunky chalk on the planet! 🌎
    Midnight Lightning ultra-pure, high-performance chunky chalk is made from the mineral contents of seawater. No destructive mining here! This chalk is produced using natural processes such as solar evaporation. This, combined with plant-based 🌱 packaging (which is also fully recyclable! ♻️ and carbon neutral via offset credits) leads to a lower energy and environmental footprint vs. other chalks.
    • High purity magnesium carbonate
    • Rosin free
    • No fillers
    • Plant based 🌱 recyclable ♻️ packaging
    • Carbon neutral packaging via offsets
    • Chalk is non-mined
    • Super grippy
    • 275g / 9.7oz

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Midnight Lightning Ultra Premium Seawater Sourced Chalk

So iLL Distribution

We are always striving to enhance climbing. Midnight Lightning is now brought to you by So iLL Distribution.

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